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by Don Mattingly’s pink suburban house to interrupt his dish washing. Now it was using nine guests, some of whom were obvious baseball Hall of Famers. The end result was not only an iconic piece of pop culture but a loving satire of baseball that looks downright prescient today, here on the other side of the Mitchell Report. Our heroes got drunk in bars, ingested odd
Wholesale NFL jerseys substances because they were told to, and mindlessly clucked like diseased poultry. "Homer at the Bat" felt vaguely forbidden, like an animated addendum to Ball Four. This was the side of the sport we never saw. Aside from the Yankees’ twofer of Don Mattingly and Steve Sax, each athlete coming to the Fox studios was booked for a single voiceover session, which often got cramped when friends and family tagged along. Ken Griffey Jr., then 21 and easing into his third season in the majors, showed up in early August with his father and Mariners teammate, who was a few months from retirement. (In the show’s DVD commentary,

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